This item is a ceramic Magnet featuring the words "TEACH PEACE".   

It measures approximately 2" X 1.5".  It is glazed with a TURQUOISE Art Glaze.  

These Magnets make wonderful gifts or pick-me-ups.  Inner Art Peace makes items to help promote and inspire positive living.  

(Item #4689)

MAGNETS can be used for holiday gifts, birthday presents, party favors, wedding favors, tokens of affection, reminders, valentines, 12-step tokens, advertisements, therapy tools, stocking stuffers, Advent calendars, Easter egg fillers, meditation, altars, motivational tools, fairy gardens, paperweights, magnets, memorials, fundraisers and so much more!  Can't find what you are looking for? I love custom orders!

TEACH PEACE Magnet - Turquoise

SKU: 4689