I have been studying Ceramics (Pottery) for years. I have taken a few ceramics classes including some at the Flint Institute of Art.  I also just play with the clay and make whatever I feel like making.  I am inspired by nature and positive thoughts.  I have many creative ideas including my Whimsical Fish Collection, Inspirational Art Pieces, and more. I enjoy creating beautiful hand-built pottery pieces as well as hand-painted ceramic tiles, tile murals and serving pieces such as platters. My inspirational art pieces such as Pocket Stones, Dream Stones, and Nature Tiles have been in numerous artist markets and art shows. I am constantly looking for new ideas and perfecting my craft.  
The Birth of Inner Art Peace

I wanted to come up with a name that embodied positive living. I brainstormed and finally came up with the clever Inner Art Peace (a pun on Inner Peace & Art Piece). I wanted to have a company that produced artful items that were inspirational and motivational. I, myself, enjoyed affirmations, so I decided to put these affirmations into concrete (ceramic) form to be reminders. I started out small and entered into a few craft shows, then decided to build my own website and concentrate of a few art shows a year.